huangshan (yellow mountain): nature at it’s marvellous…   Leave a comment


the famous scrolls of chinese black and white paintings of high mountains, rocks, trees and sea of clouds come alive in huangshan mountains in the south anhui province. It is a marvelous mountain area, now on the UNESCO World cultural and natural heritage list. there is an old saying well known throughout the country “no need to see any other mountains after huangshan!”

huangshan has spectacular landscape with its four unique scenes: interesting shaped rocks, waterfalls, unique shaped pine trees growing out of rocks, and its sea of clouds. huangshan has it all, the steepness, the grace, the elegance, and so on…….

yellow mountain                                 “五岳归来不看山,黄山归来不看岳”

                                              return of the transformer @ yellow mountain?

                                       villa at a distance…..being tranquil!

more pictures to share here…


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