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It is crucial for both honeymooners to have a shared and understood desires and plans of what the perfect dream honeymoon is. There are far too many favourite honeymoon hotspots around and this may requires some brainwork to pre-select the one perfect dream holiday of a lifetime. Remember whatever come second place though it may be visited the next trip round but the feeling will be far from a true blue honeymoon the first time. While most people like surprises however to truly enjoy the honeymoon destinations it is advisable that the couples have some knowledge of the holiday destination and source for detailed location information through a checklist. The checklist would then be better go through by both the couple so that in the course of it preferences can be made clear and compromises be made if this is necessary, for there are just too many choices around and one’s perception of the perfect dream honeymoon holiday may differs.

Here are some critical factors when considering for a honeymoon holiday;
– Place (preferred destination type/ theme/ location)
– Price (budget and package)
– Room (comfort level)
– Food (selection and quality)
– Activity (range and type)

First, there are various types of honeymooning theme and these can be generally grouped into;
– Beach
– River
– Lake
– Mountain
– Desert
– City
– Cruise ship

Second refers to the location settings. Some would like to have a quiet and secluded honeymoon trip while others may prefer a vibrant environment. These can be categorized as;
– Quiet and secluded
– Exclusive villas resort
– Vibrant city, with nightclubs and entertainment
– All-inclusive

Third factor is the location or the region. A beach front theme can be found in probably more than one region or continent. However, for a desert theme the selection list is comparatively fewer to choose from. This region can be grouped under;
– Africa
– Asia
– Caribbean
– Europe
– Hawaii
– Mexico
– North America; United States and Canada
– South America
– South Pacific

Depending on one’s preferences of the ideal honeymooning destination type, this is further determined by the budget. It can range from the budgeted few hundred to a luxury trip that could cost up to multiple thousand dollars. The other factor directly affecting this budget package is the duration of the honeymoon trip. Joint Pain During Pregnancy 

Lastly, location activities differ from place to place. It is good to preview on the selection of activities offer or available at destination. To avoid disappointment, some pre-booking of activities may be required especially during peak seasons.

Whatever is offered and selected, be romantic at night! The plan will takes it’s course!


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Top Honeymoon Destinations of All Times   Leave a comment

Searching for the dream honeymoon destination? Well, after spending all the headaches and stresses on your very own biggest day, you are definitely deserving a top of the world getaway holiday for only two of you. It is a good idea to check out the favorite destinations of most newlyweds. There are many world’s acclaimed all time favourites and hotspots for honeymoon-goers. It is advisable to choose a honeymoon destination based on the criteria of what the newlywed likes and the theme should be one of total relaxation! Get ready to indulge yourselves in the tranquility of a world of your own! Here are some of the recommended hot honeymoon destinations;

HAWAII – Aloha! This is undoubtedly top of the list of many newlyweds. It is also by far the most recommended for the incredible natural wonders and beauties. Renowned for its many world class resorts, exotic islands and sandy beaches, this is the place to let loose and enjoy the tropical breezes, majestic volcanic scenery and hospitable Hawaiian culture. Sign up for the diving course with your newlywed at any of the numerous training schools to enjoy the wonders of the undersea world. Otherwise snorkeling along the coral reefs is another marvelous experience for the faint hearted. Indulge yourself into a romantic Hawaii!

BALI – On top of Indonesia list of 17,000 islands is none other than BALI. It is probably best known as the sunbather’s paradise. The many resort styled villas and spa are magnificently carved to blend into the lush tropical forest, warm Indian Ocean waters, scenic volcanoes and rice paddy fields. Experience yourself to the many local favourite delicacies. And not forgetting the abundances of the wonderful seafood it has to offer. Be ready to immerse yourself into the laid back vibe while in BALI with the beautiful sun, sea and sand over a sumptuous lobster meal!

MALDIVES – Another dream honeymoon destination not to be missed! Renowned for its underwater activities, white beaches besides the elegant tropical coconut palm, Maldives boosts almost 1200 islands set in an oasis of tranquility and harmony in the Indian Ocean. Be amazed by the underwater scenery if you care for a dive in any of the hundreds of diving sites or walk along the many coral islands and tiny islets, the smallest which will probably takes less than 5 minutes to cover the perimeters! Get a meal set out on the sandy white beach against the backdrop of the graceful coconut palm trees. While you enjoy the meal on the beach try dipping your toes into the cooling Indian Ocean waters!

SEYCHELLES – Probably planet earth’s most preserved and protected islands in the Indian Ocean. Most of the islands are uninhabited. Another tropical favourite honeymoon destination with the rich flora and fauna, along the stretch of beautifully carved coral reefs set beside sandy beaches. Renowned for its underwater activities, white beaches besides the elegant tropical coconut palm. You can choose for the underwater diving experience if you are adventurous or simply drift along the sandy coast during the sunset with the elegantly decorated palm trees as the backdrop!

MAURITIUS – Mamamia! Coral reefs stretching across the extended coastline lay with glittering white sandy beaches, this is Mauritius! Mauritius is blessed with a vast cultural heritage and the colonial architecture is not to be missed. It boasts to have some of the most luxurious hotels in the world and their service standard a class above all! The cultural diversity gives sparkle to this island state and enriches the abundances of the local gourmet cuisines. Take a walk down the dazzling sandy beaches or spread your hammock across under the palm trees and enjoy the spectacular sunset to welcome the evening breezes.

MALAYSIA – Selamat Datang and this is truly Asia! This is becoming a regular hotspot appearing on the radar of many adventurous newlyweds. It boosts a rich cultural heritage comprising the three major races; Malay, Chinese and Indian. Endowed with huge tropical rainforests that lies along the equatorial region, you can go trekking or even a boat ride through the renowned rainforest river cruise. There are many tropical resorts in major islands located at Langkawi, Penang or Sarawak. Blessed by a rich and colourful marine ocean-world, it is another experience to explore the underwater world.

FIJI – Bula! Lies in the South Pacific Ocean is Fiji Islands, home to more than 300 islands in the archipelago about the Koro Sea. This is another honeymoon paradise renowned for its pristine white sandy beaches and coral reefs in warm turpuoise waters.  Immerse  in the crystal clear water off the South Pacific Ocean, pools or its many lagoons. Listen to the ocean breezes rustling through the tall and elegant tropical palm trees while enjoying a drink of vagona. There are abundances water recreational sports around to keep one occupied. Or just laze back to enjoy the tranquility of these honeymoon islands have to offer!!

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