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what a crab? spice it up!   Leave a comment

chilli crab
chilli crab padang style…well served at the renowned restaurant “sunda kelapa” established since 1970 at ancol barat, jakarta….the dish costed rp160,000 (about usd18) with 3 little crabs but full of roes. coming in at usd18 per dish it is on the steep side however with the great taste and for the historical value this dish is okied!

it was unfortunate that the other great lobster dish was sold out when we reached slightly late for lunch time! will try on the next visit….


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get chilled with es teler   Leave a comment

famous indonesian dessert
went lunchies around jakarta; had all the spicy delightful indonesian dishes and was pleased to end the meal with another serving of “es teler”……never fail to deliver the chilling blow!

es teler is a popular fruit dessert in indonesia. avocado, young coconut, cincau, jackfruit and other fruits are served with coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, pandanus amaryllifolius leaf, sugar and a tiny amount of salt.

this is by far the most popular national drink in indonesia since 1982. available from fast food outlets to refined restaurants, it’s charging at a very affordable price from rp15,000 upwards per serving (about us$1.65) at fast food outlets in most shopping malls …..try it when you are in jakarta and get yourself chilled…..

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